3 hours agoValrico, FL(10 miles)Items Wanted
Paying cash for Vintage Pez. No collection to small or too large. Serious collector. Ad number: #348499830 Contact: John Gliha City: Valrico Zip: 33594
15-Jun-2018Valrico, FL(10 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a small folding dog crate, the kind that folds down to travel. thank you
14-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(12 miles)Items Wanted
Retired senior needs refrigerator
12-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(12 miles)Items Wanted
I'm a handicapped woman on disability and my microwave blew up last week. Prefer a 900 to 1100 watt model in good condition.
12-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(12 miles)Items Wanted
I am in need of a hospital bed in good working order. I'm on disability and have a hard time breathing if i lie down flat on my regular bed.
11-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(12 miles)Items Wanted
Im in my final month now and dont have a baby swing i only have a boppy pillow trying to gather up some of the last things ill need asap if there's anyone that would be willing to donate that would be so wonderful thank you very much anything helps
My youngest son and grandaughternjust started a bowling league Saturday and I am looking for childens size bowling shoes in sizes 1 and 2
11-Jun-2018Valrico, FL(10 miles)Items Wanted
My youngest son and grandaughternjust started a bowling league Saturday and I am looking for childens size bowling shoes in sizes 1 and 2
Just moved into a new home, and in desperate need of a washer and dryer, and a kitchen table with chairs, rectangle or square. Tia anything will help as this wasnt a planned moved for my family n and, any kids toys for girl ages 5 plus would be helpful.
8-Jun-2018Valrico, FL(10 miles)Items Wanted
I could really use a 2 drawer file cabinet to organize some of my paperwork currently in boxes. Thanks!
7-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(12 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for any cool plants or flowers for my new place Flower pots and containers Would love plumeria clippings if anyone has any Thanks!
5-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(12 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for all kinds of craft supplies for nursing home patients. Beads, stamps, ribbon, paper, buttons , shells, wood pieces, stickers, glue, glue guns ect.
5-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(12 miles)Items Wanted
in need of a cell phone. metro pcs or unlocked. thanks in advance.
ISO and in need of womens bathing suit size 16\18 one piece and same size needed in clothes and shoes 10 some 9 1/2 will fit thank you
3-Jun-2018Valrico, FL(10 miles)Items Wanted
ISO of womens bathing suit 16-18 one piece .Could use the same size in womens clothes and shoes size 9 1/2 --10
1-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(12 miles)Items Wanted
Wtd non working sewing box
31-May-2018Lakeland, FL(12 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for old livestock watering tub. Size 2' by 1' by 4' needed. Can be rusted out in places. If you have one that you are not using I can put the tub to good use. Thank You For Your Help!
29-May-2018Lakeland, FL(12 miles)Items Wanted
I am a single mother with 3 girls just got out of a domestic shelter into my own place and need help with all items for my place but really need help with beds for my kids please help anything can help i can be reached at 8635294818 nika please help me and my kids thank you
28-May-2018Riverview, FL(17 miles)Items Wanted
Just got a 2-year old foster placement and I am looking for a booster seat/ small high chair.
We just lost our cousin to cancer, she has 2 daughters 3 years old and 8 years old. The daughter will be moving in with their uncle and family, their looking for bunk beds. The uncle had 2 kids of his own, trying to help them make room for 4 kids. Thank you. I can be reached at 813-598-7667 Melinda
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